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A festival only exists because of what it contains. And a festival is defined by what it contains. Its contents add up to the festival’s meaning.

Ritsaert ten Cate

Membership Benefits

"Maybe it is the support, companionship, stimulation and fun to be gained from working within a peer group of people who share a passion that can enable groups to generate achievements greater than the sum of their parts."

Heather Maitland and Anne Roberts
in "Greater than the sum of its parts" (2006)

The European Festivals Association – the Festival Network – offers its members:


  1. A strong voice in our common quest to underline the importance of arts: In all activities, artistic excellence and internationalisation are core objectives of EFA putting EFA in line with the key objective of the major arts festivals across the globe.
  2. An open and influential international association with a global and regional approach: EFA operates throughout Europe and beyond, as far as Mexico, South Africa and Russia, with about 100 current members from 40 countries worldwide and partner networks in Africa (African Festival Network AFRIFESTNET), Asia (Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals AAPAF), the Arab world and Latin America. Furthermore, through its 15 national and regional festival associations as collective and affiliate members, EFA connects over 2000 festivals across Europe and fosters a European perspective at the same time.
  3. Physical and virtual networking opportunities and meetings: EFA’s annual key event – the General Assembly and Conference – connects some 150 festival colleagues and partners around the globe. Furthermore, EFA offers many meeting platforms for certain interest groups (such as new music festivals, communication managers etc), debates or roundtable discussions examine current trends and developments in festivals and allow for the sharing of experience among peers. Last but not least, EFA facilitates a continued exchange online.
  4. Platforms for creating artistic co-productions: EFA offers its members with common interests platforms to exchange ideas on festival formats, artistic ideas, and challenges, a place for artistic exchange leading to long-term joint co-productions.
  5. Internal up to date information channels and increased outreach to festival audiences: EFA members benefit from a steady flow of information fine-tuned to members’ needs, including latest news on festivals from the EU and worldwide, internal newsletters, reports, readers etc. Furthermore, EFA supports members’ marketing efforts and invites them to make use of a set of elaborated communication tools reaching out to hundreds and thousands of audience members.
  6. Exclusive educational programmes promoting qualification and professionalism: EFA promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise through international and intergenerational programmes, such as The Festival Academy. EFA developed the Atelier for Young Festival Managers to promote young talent and offer suitable life-long training opportunities in the field of artistic festival programming.
  7. Full access to comprehensive contact databases and research: Whereas a selection of research is made accessible to the broad public online, EFA members benefit from a comprehensive database including contacts of the cultural press in the 40 members’ countries, and of cultural networks, cultural ministries, public authorities, EU institutions etc, as well as first-hand access to newly released studies and possible involvement in research activities.
  8. Involvement in pioneering pilot projects and participation in the international debate on culture: EFA members benefit from EFA’s collaboration with the European institutions, and projects such as EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, a gateway into festivals to broaden awareness and promote excellence and innovation.
  9. Narratives on festivals: EFA invites its members to gain deeper insights into festival making around the world – i.e. via EFA Blog Festival Bytes and targeted mailings – and to contribute to this story telling activity. EFA offers its members first-hand access to the worldwide distributed EFA BOOKS series as well as invites them to contribute to the latter on chosen festival and culture related topics.
  10. Representation in the cultural policy debate: EFA raises the voice of its members toward EU decision making bodies, especially thanks to its initiative European House for Culture and its partners. EFA invites its members to take part in these advocating activities for culture at European level, such as a roundtable meeting with the EU Culture Commissioner.

How to become a member?

You are an arts festival in Europe or beyond?
You are a national festival association or a network active in the cultural sector?
Then join the European Festivals Association - the voice of hundreds of festivals across Europe and beyond.

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