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FestFlash "EFA 60 Years On": When past and future meet

Gent, Friday, 18-05-2012

Only a few days left until the European Festivals Association (EFA) celebrates its Diamond Jubilee in Bergen, Norway. The third edition of the FestFlash of the European Festivals Association includes the latest news.

“It is important to be conscious of the moment one lives in, and be flexible to a certain degree. We should not only stand still and celebrate our achievements: we should look for our perspectives; our steps we do today for the next 3, 5 or 10 years. Only those festivals that manage to give a contemporary meaning to questions in society will survive: that are relevant to the discussion here and now – looking ahead for solutions,” says Kathrin Deventer, EFA Secretary General.

euro|topics and EFA together for cultural exchange in Europe

EFA and euro|topics, the online platform providing a daily, up to date press review, have engaged in a media partnership. To promote trans-European discussion and to create new networks for cultural and political exchange is a joint mission of EFA and euro|topics. The partnership is an important step in EFA’s quest to form a coalition of organisations dedicated to the process of transformation in Europe, one of the key aims of the so-called ‘Bergen Agenda’ to be set in Bergen.

37 speakers from all over the world to discuss festival business

Both renowned and emerging festival directors and cultural figures will discuss the issues at heart of the ‘Bergen Agenda’: Steve Austen, Joanna Baker, Gunnar Bakke, Airan Berg, Lluis Bonet, Jan Briers, Darko Brlek, Jurriaan Cooiman, Colm Croffy, Kathrin Deventer, Nadin Deventer, Trude Drevland, Bernard Faivre d’Arcier, Mike van Graan, Hugo De Greef, Michael Haefliger, Per Boye Hansen, Katherine Heid, Stefan Herheim, Åse Kleveland, Anna Lewanowicz, Peter Inkei, Ruggero Lala, Tony Lankester, Valeria Marcolin, Miguel Angel Martin Ramos, James McVeigh, Simon Mundy, Doris Pack, Odile Quintin, Kerstin Schilling, Erik Söderblom, Kjersti Stenseng, Philipp Thomaschke, Xavier Troussard, and Jan Truszczyński.

60 years of festivals in Europe and the world

Denis de Rougemont’s vision when he founded EFA 60 years ago is still alive. EFA, that’s 60 years as a network for solidarity, growth, diversity, artistic endeavour – and for people; 60 years of engaging for its members; 60 years of a Europe of transitions and enlargement, of re-invention and integration; and, of course, 60 years of artistic creation in festivals. Let’s glance at the milestones of EFA. Let’s also listen to the visions of renowned festival personalities to get prepared for the future (the Bergen Festival is a “youthful 60-year-old”!), just as much as to the visions of the next generation of festival makers. The “EFA 60 Years On” jubilee publication, to be released in Bergen, creates a mosaic of diverse insights into the history of Europe and the Association 60 years ago, today and 60 years on.

Bergen International Festival turns 60

Both the Bergen International Festival and EFA celebrate their Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The Bergen Festival is the largest arts festival in Scandinavia. It celebrates its anniversary with a fortnight of music, theatre, dance, opera and visual art. “We invite festival leaders from all over the world to enhance their network in one of Norway’s cultural hubs. We are very proud that the Bergen International Festival with its outstanding artistic programme is the context for such an exclusive meeting,” stresses Festival Director Per Boye Hansen. Find out who else celebrates an anniversary in 2012!

Bergen Festival invites Jubilee participants to attend performances

The 2012 Bergen International Festival takes place from 23 May to 6 June. The festival presents artists from the Nordic countries and numerous international events. It will be opened by Stefan Herheim, one of the most significant and innovative opera directors of our time, with the love drama Xerxes by Händel. All EFA Jubilee participants are invited to enjoy the production, following the Jubilee Opening Gala on 23 May. The evening will be concluded with a reception for all participants. What’s more, Stefan Herheim will join a panel discussion on 24 May. Have a look at the full festival programme!

Latest news can be followed in the media section of the Jubilee website at Congratulations and video messages are published regularly. Subscribe to the EFA FestFlash and keep an eye!

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