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Association of Slovenian Festivals

The Association of Slovenian Festivals has been established in June 2000, by its 4 founder festivals, namely the Brezice Festival, the Lent Festival, the Ljubljana Festival and the Primorsko Summer Festival.

This festival has been an EFA member since 2000.


Association of Slovenian Festivals Established

Source of article: Slovenia Business Week Nr. 26/2000 June 26th, 2000 (digital newsletter from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia)

A contract on the establishment of the Association of Slovenian Festivals, a business association, was signed on Wednesday, 21 June 2000 by Klemen Ramovs, Vladimir Rukavina, Darko Brlek and Neva Zajc on behalf of four Slovenian summer festivals, namely the Brezice Festival, the Lent Festival, the Ljubljana Festival and the Primorsko Summer Festival.

Neva Zajc was appointed the first director of the association, which will be seated in Ljubljana. The association will file a candidacy for a collective membership in the European Association of Festivals.

The contract obliges the four festivals to exchange experience, promote stronger joint performance at home and abroad, encourage investments in culture, performances of Slovenian artists abroad and international co-operation.

The Association of Slovenian Festivals is open to other festivals that feature mainly professional artists.

The 2000 budgets for the programmes of the associated festivals were also revealed, and go as follows: Lent - SIT 250 million (1.2 million Euro), Ljubljana Festival (only the International Summer Festival Krizanke) - SIT 160 million (780,000 Euro), Brezice - SIT 93 million (454,000 Euro) and the Primorsko Summer Festival - SIT 40 million (195,000 Euro).

The Lent Festival will take place in Maribor, north-eastern Slovenia, from 23 June through 9 July and will include as many as 400 events.

The 48th Ljubljana Summer Festival will be underway from 5 July through 26 August. It will feature 3,000 performers from 24 countries.

The Brezice Festival will open on 15 July and will run through 29 July. The core of the programme will remain old music. In co-operation with the partner state, Great Britain, the festival will offer international music courses, a week of British films and exhibitions.

The Primorsko Summer Festival will take place at the Slovenian coast from 1 to 31 July.

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