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Festival de Música de Canarias

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Maybe it is the support, companionship, stimulation and fun to be gained from working within a peer group of people who share a passion that can enable groups to generate achievements greater than the sum of their parts.

Heather Maitland and Anne Roberts in “Greater than the sum of its parts” (2006)

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The European Festivals Association is the umbrella organisation for festivals across Europe and beyond. One of the oldest cultural networks in Europe, it was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1952 as a joint initiative of the eminent conductor Igor Markevitch and the great philosopher Denis de Rougemont. Since its foundation, the Association has grown from 15 festivals into a dynamic network representing more than 100 music, dance, theatre and multidisciplinary festivals, national festival associations and cultural organisations from 41 countries.

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31/08/2014 (2 events)Sunday

01/09/2014 (3 events)Monday

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