Arts Festivals Summit 2019

EFA office at the European House for Culture

Sainctelettesquare 17
1000 Brussels, Belgium
T: +32 2 644 48 00

(postal address: Akenkaai 1, 1000 Brussels)

How to reach the EFA Office

From Brussels North Station:

Take the exit of the station ‘S. Bolivar’
You end up at the Simon Bolivarlaan/Boulevard Simon Bolivar
When leaving the station, walk 100 meters right on, then turn left at the Boulevard Roi Albert II/Koning Albertlaan.
Walk along the trees until the end of the street. Then go right to the Boulevard Baudouin until you reach the water.
Just before crossing the water, go right. The building is at the corner.

The office is situated on the third floor. You can ring the bell of ‘European House for Culture/European Festivals Association’ downstairs in order to enter the building.

Itinerary from Brussels North Station to the EFA Office

From Brussels South Station:
Metro line 2 or 6 with direction Elisabeth until stop ‘Yser’

From metro station Yser:
You are at the Boulevard Baudouin. Face the water and walk ahead until you reach the Square Sainctelette. The building is on the right side (Sainctelettesquare 17, entrance of the building at Akenkaai/Quai des Péniches 1)

Itinerary from metro station Yser to the EFA Office

EFA Secretariat

Kathrin Deventer, Secretary General
kathrin (at)

Inge Ceustermans, Managing Director The Festival Academy
inge (at)

Naima Delaere, EFA Communication and Network Manager
naima (at)

Gert Naessens, Operations Manager
gert (at)

Eva Nunes, European Projects Manager
eva (at)

Laure Verbruggen, Project Manager
laure (at)