EFFE Awards SalonBrussels, 26 September 2019


Kathrin Deventer

Secretary General

Kathrin Deventer is the Secretary General of the European Festivals Association (EFA) and the Co-director of EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe. Kathrin is a Co-founder and Board member of the European House for Culture, an initiative of EFA, a member of the Strategy Group of “A Soul for Europe”, and a member of the Culture Committee of the EU’s “New Narrative for Europe” project. She has a special interest in culture and its role in civil society engagement and issues connected to the recognition of the importance of culture in society. She believes in a cultural Europe which emerges from responsibilities and interactions between people and organisations from all sectors in society. Kathrin is frequently invited as lecturer on European cultural policy issues. Publications include essays for the EFA BOOKS series, industry magazines and cultural policy related publication.

My main ambition with EFA is to create a sense of collaboration and interaction between the people involved in it; the ones who make our festivals vibrant everywhere, who shape festival life with their questions, ideas, proposals, and insight into the arts and the world. As a team, we are a service provider for festivals, bringing together views and opinions so that they can be discussed openly.

Kathrin Deventer