Horacio Pérez

Curator and creative producer

Horacio Pérez (Santiago, 1982) is an independent curator and creative producer of performing arts, based in Chile. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Theater Department of Universidad de Chile, and a Master of Arts in Arts Politics from New York University. His professional practice is related to artistic exchange, programming, and networking.

He has worked in Chilean festivals and institutions like PLATEA: Programmers Week of Teatro a Mil International Festival, the Theatre Department of Universidad de Chile and Teatro Nacional Chileno, among others, and as a director and professor in Santiago. In the past years he also worked as producer and manager of Chilean companies Bonobo and Teatro La María, showing their work in countries like Japan, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, the United States, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile.

He has also worked abroad in Próximamente festival at KVS (Brussels), Campo Abierto (Montevideo) and The Public Theater (New York), and has been selected to participate in international experiences of professional development and exchange like Producers Academy (organized by CIFAS, On The Move and Kunstenfestivaldesarts), Critical Collaborations (residencies in New York, Buenos Aires and Florence) and The Festival Academy (first as a participant in Atelier Montreal and later as a facilitator in Atelier Nicosia).

Horacio Pérez