Jordi Albareda

Founder and CEO Fair Saturday foundation

Speaker - Let’s talk business on Monday, 24 April 2023 | 10.00-13.30

Jordi Albareda is one of the prominent social entrepreneurs in Europe, founder and president of the Fair Saturday foundation, born out of the creation of the Fair Saturday movement. Fair Saturday is a global cultural movement with a social impact taking place every year the day after Black Friday. In only 7 years this project originated in the city of BilbaoBay of Biscay has been adopted by many hubs worldwide - highlighting the Scottish-wide embrace of the initiative -, becoming a global movement. 

Throughout its history, the foundation has been diversifying its strategic areas of impact, expanding its initiatives in the field of education, inspiration or production. By way of example, special mention should be made to the creation of the Fair Saturday Forum and Awards, initiatives held at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao that focus on highlighting and recognising agents of change in the field of culture with a social impact. In addition, the foundation also works on the generation of exclusive cultural content in virtual reality and 360º. 

MSc in Business Administration by University of Deusto and current professor of Strategic Innovation in the Executive MBA at Deusto Business School. Former consultant at McKinsey & Company, Jordi advises multinational businesses and social projects at strategic level, helping them to adapt their business models and spark innovation processes. Board member of several companies and collaborator with different media with territorial impact, he is also involved in projects related to new technologies and social innovation.

Jordi Albareda