Kateryna Botanova

Cultural critic & co-curator of Culturescapes

Kateryna Botanova is a Basel-based cultural critic, curator, and writer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She writes and lectures on decoloniality, solidarity, and care, focusing on artistic practices and societal dynamics outside of the Global West. She is a co-curator of the Swiss multidisciplinary biennial Culturescapes and an editor of its anthologies. 

Since 2023, she has been a guest senior curator of the Research Platform of the Pinchuk Art Center (Kyiv). In the 2010s, she was a director of the Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv and a founding editor of the online magazine Korydor

She is a member of PEN-Ukraine. In the last two years, her essays on the impact of the war on culture and arts were included in books published by Routledge, McGill-Queen's University Press, Forum Transregionale Studien, and CEU Press, among others.