Sona Hovhannisyan

Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival

Name of the candidate: Sona Hovhannisyan
Job title: Director
Age: 49
Gender: Female
Citizenship/origin: Armenian
Artistic/geographical experience: 25 years of experience, worldwide

Name of the organisation / festival: Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival
Membership category: Individual festival
Country of the organisation / festival: Armenia
Festival art disciplines: Music
Annual turnover: €1 million
Number of visitors per edition:

Motivation: The Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival celebrates its 25th Anniversary, and it has proudly contributed to the shaping of a unified cultural policy and diplomacy locally, and internationally, on various European and regional platforms. Rooted in our faithful belief that the true essence of a bright and meaningful future in the 21st century lies in solidarity, mutual understanding, and cultural cooperation, the Perspectives’ logo, depicting people of diverse nationalities united around the tree of life, serves as a moving symbol of these values.
The mission of the Perspectives Festival extends far beyond mere entertainment; it is the cradle of artistic expression and cultural exchange within Armenia and beyond. We firmly believe that artists possess the unique ability to unveil new worlds that lie beyond the tangible, offering audiences a variety of experiences.
Drawing upon over two decades of experience as an arts manager and cultural diplomat, I am eager to offer my expertise and insights as a potential board member of the European Festivals Association. I envision leveraging my background to foster greater diversity, inclusivity, and partnership within the Association, providing space for a vibrant ecosystem where cultural exchange flourishes and new creative horizons are explored.
In today's rapidly evolving world, characterised and accompanied by emerging challenges and turbulent periods, I am committed to bringing my perspective and ideas, as well as innovative approaches, and much beyond, that will resonate with the mission and vision of the Association and its members. Together with my esteemed colleagues and partners, it will be my honor and pleasure to embark on a journey of collective discovery, establishing new pathways and building bridges that unite and go beyond borders, languages, and cultures.
I am excited about the prospect of collaborating with like-minded individuals on the board, united in our shared passion for the arts and our collective commitment to advancing the mission of the European Festivals Association. By joining EFA, I shall be able to bring a wider geographical landscape and perspective from the historical lands of the mountainous Caucasus Region and beyond it. Together, we can continue to shape a future where cultural diversity is celebrated, artistic expression knows no bounds, and the transformative power of the arts enriches lives across Europe and beyond.