Sophie Detremmerie


Festival Manager of STROOM
@ Flanders Festival Ghent / Flanders Festivals

Sophie Detremmerie was the Managing Director of Flanders Festival Brussels / Klarafestival for more than 12 years until 2019. Then she organised the World Choir Games 2021 Flanders in the frame of the the top events policy of the Flemish Government. After finishing this huge project in 2021
she created the brand new festival STROOM, in the Scheldt Valley, about climate and sustainability. STROOM allows artists' voices to be heard in a unique symbiosis between nature, culture, heritage and tourism.

Sophie studied Communication Sciences, Culture Management and Management for the Non-profit and Social Sector in Leuven and Antwerp.
She is a generalist at the business and organisational side of festivals. A great focus is on building partnerships in the private and the public sector. She has seen the evolution of the sponsorship market towards cultural sponsorship delivering a true share of the marketing strategy of brands. Sophie has published articles for the Flemish Management Association on Marketing and Classical Orchestras and appears frequently in the media. She is also a teacher at the Bruges Business School for Culture Management. She's a member of the board of The Festival Academy.
From these positions she has a good perspective of the cultural sector in general.