Czech Association of Music Festivals

The Czech Republic

In the eighteenth century the truly exceptional musical tradition of the Czech people was expressed in such phrases as "Every Czech a musician" ar "Bohemian - the conservatory of Europe". This phenomenon has not disappeared at the end of our own century, rather, it has found a new form of expression and fulfillment in music festivals. The best, largest and most important of these form the basis of the Czech Association of Music Festivals. The Association was founded in response to calls for cooperation, coordination, and exchange of experiences, mutual support and assistance among the individual members. A further task is to supply its members with information, to represent the interests of its members in relevant legal matters of the Czech Republic and to create contacts with other associations of music festivals, both in a national and European context. The Association does not intend to act as an umbrella organisation for music festivals, which are held in the Czech Republic. Admission into the Association is approved by a strict and collective vote. The basic admission criteria include genre diversity, wide audience orientation, innovated programs, and a five-year tradition under the same name and in the same extent. The aim is to bring together Czech music festivals of high artistic standard and to provide them with all the advantages of a professional body, ensuring for them especially specialist consultancy services in legal matters and economic management.

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Czech Association of Music Festivals