Festival Cities Workshop - Arts Festivals Summit 2022 Yerevan

The Festival Cities Meeting is a joint research, a common talk, a joint thinking among cities and civil society from the region on the question: how can we help to find a new shared basis for a better inclusion of people, citizens, and civil society in local politics? What role can the arts, and arts festivals play in this context?

Monday, 12 September 2022 | 9.00-11.30

Holiday Inn Hotel - Republic Square, Yerevan

We would like to share some examples and hear from examples how participatory models of city’s governance can lead to more inclusion and a healthy city and how the arts can stimulate this process.

Cities from all over Europe, as well as civil society and public institutions from Yerevan and the region are invited to participate in the 3 hours conversation.

The session is conceptualised and facilitated by Nele Hertling and Nicolas Bertand, Strategy Group members of A Soul for Europe. A Soul for Europe, since 2004, has been a close partner to the European Festivals Association in the conversations about the question how the power of arts and culture an be more harnessed in policy making processes beyond the arts or cultural polities. A deep understanding of in particular local / urban processes across Europe has been gained through a variety of conferences, workshops, talks, delegations etc.