Let's talk... EFA! - Arts Festivals Summit 2023

Wednesday, 26 April 2023 | 11.00-12.30

Auditori Josep Irla - Plaça Pompeu Fabra, 1 - 17002 Girona

After the formal part of the General Assembly only accessible to EFA Members, the final part of the General Assembly will be open to all delegates.

From 11.00 AM till 12.30 PM, EFA Members will invite you to engage in a series of conversations about EFA's work programme for the wider festival community.

Exchanges, questions and answers will be addressed for each of the following topics in conversations of 10 minutes

1. European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA, inviting festivals in a collaboration with colleague festivals to take emerging artists under their wings

2. The EFFE Seal for Festival Cities and Regions, inviting festivals and their cities to join a collective working group aiming at recognition and agenda setting

3. FestivalFinder.eu offering all sorts of stakeholders around festivals to access the wealth of festivals and local information in one step

4.  The Festival Academy activities and offerings

5. Perform Europe offering a series of grants and discussions about sustainable touring in the performing arts

6. Joining Hand and Hearts, inviting EFA Members to match with Ukrainian festivals in duos to support each other

7. Collective and Affiliate Members meetings proposing collective efforts of festivals support among national festivals associations

8. Communication and storytelling, sharing narratives, insights, views and visions about EFA Members and the stakeholder community through a diverse set of instruments

9. Arts Festivals Summit 2024 in Usedom 12 to 15 May inviting for the next annual rendez-vous of festival makers on the beautiful island in eastern Germany