Care Share workshop on arts and well-being - Arts Festivals Summit 2024

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 | 9.00-12.00

Hotel Kaiserhof Heringsdorf - Kulmstraße 33, 17424 Heringsdorf

The relentless expectation to continually enhance festival offerings each year, despite constrained resources, appears to be a challenging cycle to break. This is unsustainable not only for us, potentially leading to physical and mental exhaustion or even burnout, but also for the planet. Primarily, this stems from our society's fixation on constant growth and the deep-seated systemic challenges within the cultural sector. Yet, what steps can we take to adopt a more sustainable and compassionate approach to our work?

Share Care is a workshop to openly discuss our struggles in maintaining balance in our lives while intensively working on our festivals. We explore how we can gain back energy from the work we do and how we can re-engage with joy and purpose in our work after periods of exhaustion. It's a safe space to unwind, learn, and share experiences that nurture our being, while holding awareness of the systemic problems affecting cultural labour. 

This workshop will continue the work started by EFA during the 3-days retreat ‘The Time We Spend Together’ in the context of Varna Summer International Music Festival in September 2023.

A report from this pilot edition of a retreat initiating EFA’s work strand on Arts and Wellbeing can be found here.

This workshop is conceptualised and facilitated by Rarița Zbranca (Director and Co-founder of AltArt Foundation and Programme Director at Cluj Cultural Centre and co-founder of Fabrica de Pensule) and Mahir Namur (Existential Coach, Lecturer & Trainer, Project Manager).