16 April, 10:15-11:30 | SANA Lisboa Hotel | Castelo I & II

Ready to play?

We are coming together with 200 colleagues in Lisbon.

Impromptu, the unexpected, the improvised, is programmed in this session One-on-One which has the objective for participants to:

  • Get to know each other.
  • Get to know each other’s practice to learn from.
  • Exchange on the Summit topic and objectives.

This game provides for 9 encounters with 9 persons who you have not met before.

Rules of the game:

Each session begins with

  1. A swap
  2. Shaking hands
  3. Introduce yourself: name, festival, city, exchange business cards
  4. In each session, note down your ONE most important idea, concrete suggestion, a commitment which in Round 9 you will share with your last partner. Please note them down.
  5. Length of the conversations: 7 minutes
  6.  Switch/Question/briefing: 1 minute
  7. 9 rotations, 9 questions
  8. The questions/briefing – each question the screen – play the game