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Simon Mundy, in interview with Europalia

Festivals in Focus

Celebrate Culture! Celebrate the heritage of today! Build the heritage of tomorrow!

EFA members are the core of our Association. Your work is pioneering in the international artistic life. We would like to invite you to be one of EFA’s next ‘Festival in Focus’. What does this mean?

All EFA Members are contributing to Europe’s artistic life for decades. Arts Festivals have inspired the artistic discourse and reflected the social and historical turning points in Europe’s last and current century. The very particular value festivals can give to people’s daily lives is immeasurable.

That is what we want to show to the broad public with a new initiative: EFA Festival in Focus.

 We would like to invite festival colleagues and visitors of EFA’s communication channels to look into your historical and current role in your city, your region and in your environment and bring it into an international and historical perspective.

 For that, we are setting up a series of interviews, conducted by writer and broadcaster Simon Mundy.


Please have a look at the first examples in the tab above.

GIFT Festival

Georgian International Festival of Arts in Honor of Michail Tumanishvili |Tbilisi | Georgia

The strands that weave the Georgia International Festival of Theatre together are big, bright and uncomfortable. They put theatre and dance firmly in a zone of argument that says an artistic question is always a political question, and one which will never be answered in platitudes. Read full article.

SoNoRo Festival

SoNoRo FestivalBucharest, Timișoara ,Cluj, Brașov | Romania

SoNoRo is a quiet festival, not just because it concentrates on chamber music, but because it does not have a big news agenda or feature film back story. It did not start as an antidote to war, or as a way of drawing world attention to a forgotten city.  Read Full article.

Europalia | Belgium

Since 1969 Europalia has been presenting the rest of the world to Belgium. It runs every two years, starting in October of the odd number and finishing four months later at the end of the January in the even numbered year. It is not confined to any particular venue or even country, following the theme to wherever logic or artistic imperative takes it. “We always work with the most important venues in Belgium first,” says Koen Clement, the General Manager, “and we try to start with the venue and see how our theme fits in with their ideas – we don't impose an event like a hiring promoter.”

Read ahead

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