The European Festivals Association is supported by the European Commission in the frame of the Creative Europe programme for the implementation of the 4 year project EFA RISE 2 – the rise of the Community.

Creating Synergies

In the framework of EFA RISE, the European Festivals Association is working with Synergy Partners: 

About RISE 2

RISE 2 brings to full life a community that serves as a pool of peers to ask each other for advice, make agreements, co-produce & get fresh ideas across borders. The overall aim is becoming a referential point for festival makers by producing, organising, & disseminating relevant content to improve their daily work. The implementation is anchored in: highly targeted Communication towards the community with actions to trigger involvement & participation, Festival Knowledge Center organizing speeches, articles, databases, interviews, bibliography gathered during the activities to stimulate the conversation amongst the community members.EFA’s objective with RISE 2 is to build on its immense potential of festival operators and develop tools & activities that make the net & nodes of festivals in the extended EFA community work together to offer a cross-generational community, in other words a pool of knowledge that festival makers would not access otherwise. EFA acts as service provider towards festivals, as active community facilitator resulting in a strong structuring impact of the festivals’ landscape. Improved organisational opportunities & an increased level of co-productions serving artistic mobility & collaboration across borders & generations between festival makers is the ambitioned result. This is achieved digitally (with an online community) and the good old fashioned way (the offline networking & training) for, as we know, despite technology, face-to-face is still the most effective way of working together & building healthy, strong & truthful relations with our partners. Year 2 spans the European Year of Cultural Heritage in the sense that it becomes even more relevant that the EFA RISE Year 2 focus of sub-communities & information sharing is on audience development in Cultural heritage sites. In a work programme we will label it The (Herit)AGE of the Arts: Audiences in the heart of the places.

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