European House for Culture

The European House for Culture is a cultural organisation initiated by the European Festivals Association (EFA).

The Sum of Our Parts

Many cultural networks are located in Brussels. Many cultural networks and initiatives have intrinsic interests in the EU decision-making process when it comes to the culturally-relevant territories. All those networks and initiatives have their respective, very individual profile and their specific tasks, services and missions; nonetheless many of them perform similar activities or have overlapping interests and missions.

The European House for Culture was created in order to further collaboration and enhance synergies within the cultural sector by facilitating

  • the existence of a physical working-meeting-place of the cultural sector (and others) in Brussels
  • the maximisation of the operational results of synergies within the cultural sector
  • the support and development of initiatives that improve the quality of cultural activities in Europe

Programme of the European House for Culture

If Europe has a meaning it is Cultural.

The Members of the European House for Culture actively promote this idea using the range and depth of their experience to take European cultural networking to a higher level.

Members and partners, as individuals and in organisations, increase the ability of cultural initiatives to connect and empower citizens by facilitating a common space for meeting and work.

The programme of the House involves members and partners in building networks across borders, developing public and internal forums for reflection and debate, professional training, knowledge sharing and international projects.

Brussels Conversations

The Members

Those who are invited to be Members of the EHfC bring dynamism, talent and vision to cultural life throughout Europe and beyond. They share a common belief that Europe is a living cultural project animated by co-operation. They strengthen the mission of the House by bringing to it their authority, reputation and creativity.

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The Partners

The mission of the EHfC is to find synergies between cultural initiatives and increase their impact. The EHfC invites partners to join and contribute to this work. It offers: a permanent secretariat; a chance to collaborate; and a base for activity. The EHfC asks partners to share a key objective. They all have members and engage regularly with supranational and inter-governmental organisations. Its location in Brussels demonstrates this ambition. The House gives Partners a permanent presence at the heart of European decision making.

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Debate & Reflection

The EHfC involves people in European discussions about how their citizenship and identity should evolve through culture. It will spread the work of its Members & Partners throughout Europe and beyond, stimulating debate and encouraging reflection. The House strengthens co-operation, adds to existing activities and sets up platforms for debate. It uses the full range of media to distribute its activity and message, sustaining the legacy of its ideas.

Resonance & Presence

The EHfC maintains an active presence throughout the world and strives for international visibility. It finds local partners to project the European cultural idea of participation, democratic debate and artistic resonance. The EHfC demonstrates the need for the cultural dimension to be central to Europe’s external relations.

Knowledge & Training

The EHfC is a knowledge centre for international cultural practice and exchange. It is a resource that empowers young professionals, adds dynamism to the cultural sector and contributes to political life. It hosts and facilitates, produces and presents. And whatever the European House for Culture stages, artistic creation is its guide and inspiration.