Artistic and cultural programme - Arts Festivals Summit 2024

The Arts Festivals Summit is a time to discover the place where we're staying. The island of Usedom is home to a number of cultural activities, especially when the Usedom Music Festival is running in September-October each year. Together with our host, we've put together an arts and culture programme to ensure you make the most of your stay and enjoy the best the island and festival have to offer.

Baltic Sea Philharmonic Concert

Monday 13 May 2024, 19.00, in Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum 

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic takes the orchestral concert experience to a new dimension. Every performance is a voyage of musical discovery, as the musicians perform the entire programme from memory, creating a one-of-a-kind artistic journey. Each concert is a unique spectacle of sound, light, choreography, visual art and technology, and under the electrifying baton of Music Director and Founding Conductor Kristjan Järvi every performance is an electrifying experience that fizzes with infectious energy.

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Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum

Monday 13 May 2024, in Peenemünde

From 1936 to 1945, the research stations in Peenemünde formed the largest armaments centre in Europe. Over an area of 25km², up to 12,000 people worked simultaneously on guided weapons, most famously the world’s first cruise missiles and the first ever functioning large-scale rockets. Both were designed as a weapon of terror against the civil population, made mostly by forced labourers and from 1944 they began to be used in the Second World War as “Vergeltungswaffen” (V-weapons).

The Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum reconstructs the history of the creation and use of these weapons. The exhibitions document who worked in Peenemünde, how the people lived and why the enormously elaborate weaponry projects were carried out.

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EFFEA artists concert

Tueday 14 May 2024, at Międzynarodowy Dom Kultury

The "European Festival Initiative for Ukraine - connecting festivals for sustainable future cooperation" is an EFFEA residency connecting 3 EFA Members: Usedom Music Festival, Walden Festival and KharkivMusicFest. The residency aims to bring together 4 musicians from 3 different countries (2 Ukraine, 1 Poland, 1 Belgian), with different levels of experience and let them form a string quartet. Through their different experiences and level of popularity, they can learn and benefit from each other, build networks and create a new artistic programme together.

One focus of the artistic work is the inclusion of new music by young Ukrainian composers curated by KharkivMusicFest. The works will be combined in a programme with prominent Ukrainian composers and finally performed by a multinational string quartet to show solidarity with Ukraine during the war.

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EFFEA artist performance

Ana Pi is a choreographer and imagery artist, born in Brazil and based in France. The artist develops a researcher of Afro-Diasporic and Urban dances, acts as extemporary dancer and pedagogue, her practices are woven through the act of traveling. Her transdisciplinary works are particularly situated between the notions of transit, displacement, belonging, superposition, memory, colors and ordinary gestures. Her dances, films and research have been programmed in institutional spaces such as MoMA, Cisneros Institute, Centre Pompidou, Fondation Cartier, Museo Reina Sofia, Museu INHOTIM, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Festival d’Automne Paris, among others.

You can read more about Ana Pi and her EFFEA residency here. 

Ana Pi @ Daniel Nicoalevsky Maria