Arts Festivals Summit 2024 - Registration form

Registration for the Summit is open. You will find below the conditions depending on your relationship with EFA and practical info.


When starting to complete the registration form below, first you need to select the category of your organisation. In case you are in more than 1 category, please select the category with the lowest number.
E.g.: You are a collective member and you are a EFFE Hub as well. You select category 1.

Category 1: EFA Members

  • Ordinary members
  • Affiliate members
  • Collective members
  • Honorary members

No registration fee for first and extra delegates, 2 nights for free in the conference hotel for the first delegate

Category 2

  • Candidate EFA Members (to be voted in the GA)
  • Alumni of The Festival Academy

No registration fee for first delegate and alumni, no fee for extra delegates

Category 3

  • EFFEA Platform members
  • EFFE Hubs
  • The founding cities of the EFFE Seal

No registration fee for the first delegate, 160€ for extra delegates

Category 4

  • Festivals that have the EFFE Label 2022-2023 or the EFFE Label 2024-2025
  • Leading and Partner festivals from selected EFFEA Residencies
  • Cities that have committed or are in the process towards the EFFE Seal
  • Other (subject to approval)

First delegate 240€ registration fee, 160€ for extra delegates


The registration:

  • 240€ for the first delegate of your organisation
  • 160€ for extra delegates

It includes: Opening night & diner on 12 May, lunch & diner on 13 May, dinner on 14 May, coffee breaks on 13 & 14 May, museum visits and concerts, bus & boat transfers


Exceptionally low rates in the conference hotel “Kaiserhof” (Breakfast, taxes and access to swimming pool and wellness centre included)

  • Single room 120€ per night for 11, 12, 13, 14 May
  • Double room 140€ per night for 11, 12, 13, 14 May
  • Car park for the reduced rate of 15€ per day

In case you would like to spend some more days in Heringsdorf, a limited number of rooms is available for the same rates on 10 May and on 15 and 16 May. Send us an email on info[@] in case you are interested. The available rooms will be assigned following the “first in, first served“ principle.


You can share your arrival and departure times in the following overview and find other participants to share a car with: Car Sharing Overview


In case you would like to contribute to a travel fund to allow alumni of The Festival Academy to participate in the Arts Festivals Summit, you can select an amount at the end of the registration form. The amount selected will be added to the total amount to be paid and will be used for the travel and accommodation expenses of the Alumni selected by The Festival Academy.


To compensate your carbon footprint, you can plant trees in the European Festivals Forest. Each tree costs just €2, and three trees sequester one metric tonne of carbon over a 30-year cycle. Every tree helps the planet. Donate here.

AFS 2024 Usedom Registration form