AFS2023 Speakers

Luana Santos

Communication and Administration Assistant

Festivals provide unique opportunities for embracing and fostering creativity and creating lasting connections and memories. Being able to witness projects take off and evolve into magical, unique events that hold the potential to raise public debate, address major socio-economic, environmental and political issues motivates me to be involved in this field.

As EFA’s Communication and Administration Assistant, Luana Santos is committed to contributing to the festivals’ network initiatives such as the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists,, Eye-to-Eye, and others.

Following a Bachelor’s in Audiovisual and Multimedia, Luana completed a Master’s in Sound and Image, submitting a dissertation entitled “Cultural Mapping of the Performing Arts Sector in the City of Oporto”.

While doing her Master's, she was actively involved in the production and communication of music, street theatre and film festivals in Norway, Poland and Portugal. She was a research assistant in the project HAC4CG – Heritage, Art, Creation for Climate Change. Living the city: catalysing spaces for learning, creation and action towards climate change at the Research Center for Science and Technology in the Arts (CITAR). Her practice and research interests cross the areas of arts, technology and ecology.

Luana Santos