AFS2023 Speakers

Jeanne Godenèche

EU projects and Communication trainee

I'm convinced that the best way to get a message across is through emotion. For me, festivals are the ideal way of arousing all kinds of emotions while bringing communities together. These notions of transmission and sharing are essential in our society.


Passionate about live performance, Jeanne has long practised theatre with a desire to share ideas and embody texts from yesterday and today.

Over the years, she has become aware of the many difficulties facing young artists and the need to rethink the place of the artist in society. This reflection gave rise to a desire to help artists develop in a social context that is often difficult for them.

She decided to take a master's degree in International Cultural Projects to understand the workings of culture from an international perspective. At the same time, she became involved in the independent collective KUMO, which aims to showcase young international artists from all cultural sectors.

Jeanne Godenèche