AFS 2024 Speakers

Zane Estere Gruntmane

Creative knowledge producer

It is an attunement of intentions, a variety of perceptions and actions that can favor doing our part for an impactful change. In my opinion, festivals shall empower equal partnerships with their audiences and allies, including beyond its own sector. With a focus on clear and continuous engagement. It is essential that these partnerships cultivate awareness of the nature of interrelational dimensions where social, economic, political, environmental and emotional respects can come together in a meaningful way.

Zane Estere Gruntmane ia a creative knowledge producer. For more than a decade she has been working with cross-sectoral project management for various cultural events in Latvia and internationally. She has a strong commitment to create, present and experience contemporary art. Working professionally she has developed skills to recognize the potentiality of ideas that manifest itself as a form of knowledge and public growth. Her curiosity and reliability in the field have been leading her to work with wide spectrum art forms and creative projects holistically, contributing in a creative way in all stages of the process. 

Her deep passion relies on innovative and visionary approaches of collaboration and partnerships building and networking activities at the international level where art, culture and creativity are empowered to act at its core. It is an openness and curiosity that thrives my creative mind to differentiate perspectives and to work with imagination in searching for authentic ways on how to connect and contextualize the strategies where contemporaneity and future visions strive to come together in a meaningful way. 

Her personal trails are liveliness, tactfulness and attention to details that levitate into an amazing expression of communication, negotiation and interpersonal relation. In her opinion, the values - trust, team playing, ethics in meaning - are essential towards a successful working field.