AFS 2024 Speakers

Luana Santos

Communication and Administration Assistant

Festivals provide unique opportunities to embrace and foster creativity, explore alternative realities, novel approaches to living and being, form long-lasting connections, and make cherished memories. I am deeply inspired by witnessing projects take off and evolve into magical, unique gatherings that shed light on contemporary social, political, environmental, and economic issues. 

Luana Santos is Communication and Administration Assistant at the European Festivals Association (EFA). Her work focuses on the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists (EFFEA) which offers emerging artists a platform to develop their careers on international stages under the wings of festivals. Her previous experience includes production and communication roles for music, theatre, and film festivals in Norway, Poland, Kosovo, and Portugal. An advocate for the arts with a deep belief in their transformative power, Luana is passionate about their capacity to engage and empower society, interconnect, and inspire positive change.


Luana Santos