AFS 2024 Speakers

Zvonimir Dobrović

Founder and artistic director of festivals Queer Zagreb / Queer New York and Perforations festivals

Speaker - Let’s talk business on Monday, 24 April 2023 | 10.00-13.30

He is the producer of Sounded Bodies festival in Croatia. He has been an invited curator of several festivals or events - Limit festival Belgrade, Balkan focus Onassis Cultural Center Athens, Contrefuge Le Quartz Brest. His next international curating projects are Ciclop festival Mallorca (September 2023), Perforaciones Buenos Aires (November 2023), Queer New York / Skirball Arts Center (February 2024). 

Zvonimir managed Raimund Hoghe company from 2011 - 2014 and has executive produced several international network meetings and arts management education programmes (IETM Zagreb 2012, Kennedy Center Arts Management course in Croatia). He is editor of over 40 books, taught arts management and curating classes as guest lecturer / speaker at Yale, Columbia, NYU, Academy of visual arts Zagreb, Academy of dramatic arts Zagreb and numerous other informal education programmes. 

In addition to his work in the cultural field, Zvonimir is also the founder of Ginger sushi - company he owns and runs with his sister. Ginger sushi is a chain of five sushi bars / restaurants in Zagreb and is also specialised in wholesale sushi production available at different Croatian supermarkets, petrol stations or even airports.

Zvonimir Dobrović