AFS 2024 Speakers

Daniel Tarrida

Founder of the BZM project and director of the BACHCELONA Festival

Speaker - EFA meets festivals from the region and Spain session on Tuesday, 25 April | 17.00-18.30

Born in Barcelona, Daniel Tarrida began his piano studies with Albert Giménez Attenelle as a full professor, and later continued his studies with Carmen Valero and Antoni Besses. He was awarded the first prize of the 27th Young Musicians Competition in Vilafranca del Penedès, among other awards. He has followed advanced training courses with teachers such as Ilze Graubin, Frédéric Gevers, Nelly Ben-Or, Boris Bloch, Pierre Réach and Vitaly Margulis, and also, music pedagogy courses with teachers like Leonid Sintsev, Anthony Williams, Violeta Hemsy de Gainza and Marilyn Lowe. He has worked on musical aspects not strictly limited to piano with Gerald Behncke, Néstor Eidler and Hervé Baunard.

Tarrida has also explored the world of Lied with Francisco Poyato, Assumpta Mateu, Thomas Ruf and Mitsuko Shirai. Recently, he has performed as a duo with Carine Tinney, a Scottish soprano with a renowned career in this speciality, who was awarded in Stuttgart in the International Wettbewerb für Liedkunst der Hugo-Wolf-Akademie.

Tarrida is the founder of the BZM project and director of the BACHCELONA Festival (since 2013). Both projects have given him the chance of collaborating with renowned artists such as Ton Koopman, Klaus Mertens, Stephan Macleod, Shunske Sato, Philippe Thuriot, Juan de la Rubia, Clara Pouvreau and Sebastian Küchler-Blessing.

Finally, Tarrida has also worked on stage productions linked to classical music, such as Somiant el carnaval dels animals (Dreaming the Carnival of the Animals) and La casa flotant (The Floating House) - two productions of the Gran Teatre del Liceu - and El castillo rojo (The Red Castle), premiered at the 58th International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada. In this latter proposal he was also the musical responsible for the arrangements, for which he was candidate for the Max 2011 Award for Best Musical Composition for a Stage Show.

Daniel Tarrida