AFS2024 Speakers

Alexandra Bobes

France Festivals

Board member since 2021

Name of the candidate: Alexandra Bobes
Job title: Director
Age: 44
Gender: Female 
Citizenship/origin: Romania
Artistic/geographical experience: /

Name of the organisation / festival: France Festivals
Membership category: Collective member
Country of the organisation / festival: France
Festival art disciplines: /
Annual turnover: €300.000
Number of visitors per edition: /

Motivation: Member of the EFA Board since 2021, I would like to continue this professional adventure and stand for EFA elections as a board member. Director of France Festivals since September 2019, I worked before as general secretary for the French operas and orchestras employers organisation, Les Forces Musicales. I also coordinated from 2012 until 2019 the Accord Majeur platform which brings together repertoires and creative music professionnels. Passionate about all types of music and performing arts, I am am also president of the Errances Association (that produces cine-concerts, concerts and other hybrid artistic forms) and of Bain Public, a performing arts residency venue. I also joined last year the board of Detours Babel Festival in Grenoble.

France Festivals’ general missions are as follows:
-REPRESENTING the festivals towards public authorities and institutional partners (both nationally and within the EU);
-OBSERVING festivals, through case studies, surveys and research on important topics;
-SUSTAINING cooperation by facilitating dialogues between festivals, and with the cultural and institutional actors;
-UPHOLDING our commitment in favour of contemporary creation and emerging artistic production;
-CONCEIVING collective strategies and projects for our members.
My work at France Festivals is spread out between activities to represent the sector for public authorities and partners, and projects to give tools to our members, foster their collective intelligence and finding solutions to better the festival and cultural sector as a whole, through workshops, webinars and seminars, newsletters, etc.
With these missions in mind, my commitment to European exchange is strong, and I am convinced that collective intelligence must also come from a transnational perspective.
Leaders to create meeting opportunities for the group of festival networks within EFA, France Festivals and myself take cooperation at heart and I am certain that EFA is an essential association at the EU level. I would be very happy to share my energy and acknowledges as a EFA board member again.

Alexandra Bobes