AFS 2024 Speakers

Geert Cochez

Deputy CEO -

Geert Cochez is the Deputy CEO of, the communications agency for tourism and culture in the Brussels Capital Region. aims to develop close collaborations between tourism, the cultural field and civil society actors in order to promote and strengthen the image of Brussels as a multicultural and cosmopolitan world city and as a capital for 500 million Europeans. Recent projects include 2017, YO Brussels Hip Hop Generations (Bozar/Brussels, summer 2017), RADIKAL Dance from Brussels (Radialsystem/Berlin, November 2017), Indiscipline (Palais de Tokyo/Paris, September 2016).

 Throughout his career, the cultural identity and future of cities have been two key elements. In 2013 he launched the Brussels Academy, an urban open university initiative sharing knowledge on Brussels with citizens and civil society actors by organizing free classes, on-demand training and consultancy. 

Geert Cochez lives in Molenbeek, Brussels. He has a keen interest in urban development, city marketing, tourism, the arts and education, and especially the crossroads between these different topics. He is currently a member of the board of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels Major Events, the asbl Mont des Arts/Kunstberg and eQuama (European Quarter Area Management Association).

Geert Cochez