Berlin Conference 2020: "The New Culture of Common Responsibilities"

With the Berlin Conference 2020 on 8 & 9 November, we offer an attempt to create a dialogue / co-creation platform of civil society and decision makers that together think about their respective role and added value to implement for real a Europe ‘bottom-up’. All ‘target groups’ turn into ‘actors’ in this process in a unique triangle of citizens, cities and Europe; how can the cooperation between these three levels be used and result into actions for Europe?

We are living in a time of individual and institutional threats to existence that we have not known for a long time. But that must also be a time of new and unusually radical reflections and directional decisions. This is a moment that urges us all to rethink relations we have taken for granted or accepted in a certain manner. We are challenged to take a decisive step: to advise and to propose mechanisms as well as a general openness to redefine our relations. To put it in other words, a New Culture of Common Responsibilities: We Europeans and our cities and regions are challenged to recognise and assume our responsibility for the European project through a Europe bottom-up approach.

Berlin Conference: programme

The Berlin Conference took shape in a 100% online format on 8 and 9 November 2020. 

Please see the programme as well as the outline of the various workshops. We were able to do some important steps with Mayors, MEPs, Commissioner Gabriel and many others who have joined us in our joint Action Agenda.

Watch the recordings of the following sessions to see what has been discussed during the conference: 

  • An "Action Agenda" for a Europe Bottom-up with Commissioner Mayria Gabriel (Monday, 9 November, from 9.30 till 11.00 AM CET): series of statements by e.g. Klaus Maria Brandauer, Serih Zadan... feeding our Action Agenda with visions and ideas.
    Watch the recording
  • Europe Bottom-up - Visions for the Success of Europe? (Monday, 9 November, from 11.30 AM till 13.30 PM CET) committed exchange with the EU Commissioner for Culture Ms Gabriel, MEPs, mayors, professionals from the cultural sectors and festival makers to embrace the agenda.
    Watch the recording

In addition, the Europarede will be held at 19.00 PM CET, this year by the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli.

Festival Cities Workshops

We have prepared this topic thanks to 2 online preparatory workshops to zoom into some ideas/proposals to feed into the Berlin Conference Action Agenda discussions on Friday 25 September and on Friday 16 October at 13.00 PM (CEST): how can we use this moment to reflect together about different possibilities and proposals to contribute to Europe, from within our specific roles and playing fields? As cities? As festivals? As citizens? As institutions? 

The Festival Cities Workshops continue the work we have been doing together in the past months with the Festival Cities Initiative (see our Festival Cities Conversations' reports and recorded videos).