Black Swan meeting

Our next Black Swan meeting, tackling questions of programming, curating and positioning festivals, is open to all. We will concentrate on the following questions "What can we expect from festivals in the upcoming years? How can festivals be more accessible and attractive to our multicultural societies?"

We invite you to join our next Black Swan meeting on Friday, 23 April, from 11.00 AM until 12.30 PM CEST.   

We will have with us: Laila Soliman (Egyptian writer and theater director), Serge-Aimé Coulibaly (Founder of Faso Dance Théâtre Company), and Milo Rau (Artistic director of NTGent); and as moderators: Martine Dennewald (incoming Co-artistic director of Festival TransAmériques) and Jurriaan Cooiman (Director of CULTURESCAPES). 

Questions raised

The status of festivals has evolved over the centuries. From the celebration of the endlessness of goods and fruits in a daily life of scarcity, to a gathering creating social cohesion and empowerment in antic times; from a period of grandeur and bourgeoisie at the end of the 19th century to a sign of hope for another future after World War II… Festivals have developed with their times to respond to people’s needs and have boomed these last 30 years.  

What can we expect from festivals in the upcoming years? Can festivals remain a platform for artists to dare, to risk, to fail, and at the same time be a driving force for more inclusiveness, equality and social justice? How can festivals influence those who are in power for a better living together? Where is the specific added values of cultural institutions, artists/creators and festival directors? Where are the borders between them today and are they still relevant? How can we decolonise Western festivals to be more accessible and attractive to their multicultural societies?

Our speakers will share their reflections on these questions. Have a look at our Chamber of Reflection for a sneak preview of our zoom meetings.