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European Early Music Network - Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne (REMA)


REMA, the European Early Music Network, was created in France, in 2000. REMA now boasts a membership of around 70 Early Music organisations in 20 countries. The network’s head office is based in Versailles, near Paris, France. REMA has a dual objective: to promote Early Music and to help raise its profile in Europe. Its role is also to defend Early Music and the interests of Early Music programme organisers. The network enjoys a wide, diverse and high-quality membership. It provides an opportunity for its members to exchange expertise and ideas and discuss their projects. REMA’s members meet three or four times a year to discuss topics that are directly related to the key interests of their organisations. A newsletter is sent to members four times a year, to keep them informed about projects run by their partners and to maintain contact with the membership between meetings.

Contact details


E: info@rema-eemn.net
T: 0033 1 39 20 78 03
c/o CMBV - 22 avenue de Paris,
78003 Versailles cedex

European Early Music Network - Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne (REMA)