Future Heritage Ambassadors

Arts Festivals Summit 2018 | Ljubljana 11 to 14 April 2018

EFA offers its members the chance to meet and exchange on cooperation and coproductions. Send us your projects and we will provide a platform to present them online and during the Arts Festivals Summit (Ljubljana, 11-14 April 2018)

 The Arts Festivals Summit 2018 - The [Herit]AGE of the ARTS Audiences in the heart of the places – provides us with the perfect setting to meet and exchange on ideas and concrete proposals for projects, commissions, co-productions and co-touring that you want to share and work on with your colleagues!

 On the 13 April 2018 at 14:30 we dedicate a whole afternoon session to the presentation of your projects.

  • What are the new commissions and performances for which you are looking for co-producers?
  • Would you like to book a performance but would need more festivals to join so that the orchestra / company can offer better conditions?
  • Do you have a long-term project you want to implement with your colleagues?

This is your time! Come present these ideas and find your colleagues that want to join you! Fill in the short form below and we can prepare a document with all proposals that you can after use as a reminder of all the interesting projects that will be presented!

On the Future Heritage Ambassadors Initiative

EFA is the network of festivals. As from its inception in 1952, its aims was to offer a community for festival programmers to stick their heads together and speak about the upcoming composer, the ‘hot’ new ensemble, new ways of commissioning works and more programming related topics. Gathering the most engaged festival programmers amongst EFA members as well as some colleague programmers outside the network in thinking and working together, we shall not only achieve supporting young talents that will make a name for themselves in the arts world but also enhance the visibility of contemporary creation on European festival stages, to enforce its position within the arts and stimulate discussion and reflection.

The Future Heritage Ambassadors group met for the first time in Brussels on the 19 September 2017 to think together on

  • What is ‘Der Stand der Dinge’ of our festivals today?
  • What do festivals mean for the arts, for the artists today and tomorrow? 
  • What are the trends in festivals’ models and approaches: times are gone when it seemed apt to programme a series of evening concerts, or not? 
  • Why does it seem so difficult to give commissions to new composers in cooperation with festival colleagues? 
  • Or develop other festival ideas with our fellow colleagues?

Here is the report of this very first meeting.

In 2018 the European Union will celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage. We believe that heritage should be celebrated as it represents the highest achievements of our forefathers, the breakthroughs that allowed for the development of minds, knowledge and creation.

We also believe that contemporary artistic creation gives new life to what we consider heritage AND is our gift to our successors and future heritage.

Therefore don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the EYCH 2018 in the best way you know how: co-produce our future heritage with your colleagues! Come to Ljubljana and present your co-production and co-touring ideas live!