Revealing the Alliance – Step 1 2 3

Revealing the Alliance – Step 1 2 3 is the new Creative Europe Network programme of the European Festivals Association (EFA) that runs from 2022 till 2024.

Festivals are a strong feature in Europe’s cultural DNA and the continent’s artistic landscape: let us put festivals and the power of the arts at work for a stronger cultural component in Europe’s policies.

Revealing the Alliance aims to initiate, consolidate and disseminate a trans-sectorial and interactive European Festivals Alliance by, for and through festivals. Building on its work in the past seventy years in 2022, the project offers a platform for festivals’ development and interaction with cities and businesses to implement the “European Festivals Alliance 70-Years-On Agenda”. During EFA’s annual Arts Festivals Summit and other meetings, festivals and their stakeholders organised in sub-communities will reflect and act jointly, so equipping festivals with new models for intersectorial work.

The ultimate results of “Revealing the Alliance” are to grow a stronger interaction and a continuous talking table between festivals and their stakeholders. For that, EFA teams up with The Festival Academy, Pearle* and A Soul for Europe.