How we do it

As the network for festivals by festivals, the European Festivals Association (EFA) has developed a strong mission to benefit its members:

Inspiring, nurturing, exchanging, informing


  • EFA gathers dynamic minds from all over the world who are ready to engage, reflect and be inspired by each other’s’ experiences.
  • EFA highlights the role of festivals in societal developments as they give artists a platform to experiment and take risks which leads to questioning realities and bridging communities.
  • EFA promotes the role of festivals as pioneers of artistic creation and societal change as they raise questions and share narratives and visions through artistic expressions.
  • EFA members gain deeper insights into festival making around the globe and contribute to this story telling activity.


  • EFA connects festival colleagues and partners from across the globe creating physical and virtual networking opportunities.
  • EFA offers its members the opportunity to work together, learn from each other, create alliances, trust and friendship, and show solidarity in their support of one another.
  • EFA facilitates opportunities for successful artistic, financial and political partnerships.

Information and Communication

  • EFA ensures a continuous loop of information between the association and its members, the broader public and the media.
  • EFA informs members about current trends and developments in festivals.
  • EFA provides contacts to the international cultural press, networks, ministries, public authorities and EU institutions.
  • EFA increases visibility of members through a broad mix of communication tools and actions and brings every single member to the attention of the international festival community.

Knowledge and Training

  • EFA nurtures the exchange of knowledge and expertise through international and intergenerational training programmes, specifically aimed at the professional development of young festivals managers and producers.
  • EFA encourages the sharing of experiences among peers.
  • EFA offers first-hand access to newly released studies and allows for involvement in research activities.

Policy Development

  • EFA acts prominently in the wider political debate creating opportunities for festivals to connect their local needs to the broader European and international contexts.
  • EFA is a reputable and proactive network that shapes cultural policy developments bringing the strong expertise of festivals rooted in actual practice to the policy making discussion process.
  • EFA represents diverse voices from diverse realities while bringing across a joint message.
Flander Festival Gent: Ode Gand (©Werner Vermeylen)

Inspiring, nurturing, exchanging, informing is what a network does to shape a better future with all for the greater good. Keeping this integrity is the main driving force of EFA.