Darko Brlek

Artistic and General Director Ljubljana Festival

“With each contact I have with EFA member and partner festivals I improve, not only as a festival director but also as a person. One learns all the time, and after 20 years I am still not bored, and I am continually hearing and learning new things. Thanks to the vision of the EFA Board and the Secretary Generals, we’ve become a modern network, with distinguished members, many activities, strong connections with the EU and the Commissioner for Culture. This is very important. Through EFA, we, the member festivals, increase our credibility in our local situations.” 

Massimo Mercelli

Director Emilia Romagna Festival

“In particular in these times of global challenges and changes, EFA can offer a community of friendship, trust, solidarity and learning through its ever expending network of established and emerging festivals as well as cultural organisations collaborating across borders and arts disciplines.”

Filiz Eczacibasi Sarper

EFA Board member, International Izmir Festival

"Being a part of EFA, an open and influential international association with a global and regional approach with which we share core objectives such as artistic excellence and internationalisation, means having a reliable companion that tremendously increases our strength and capacity to fulfill our mission. We are very excited to join forces with this major network of arts festıvals and eager to add our voice."

Peter Eriksson

President Swedish Music Festivals

"Thanks to EFA’s large network I learn new things, and I see my own situation in relation to others. EFA is an active network that provides a community of understanding and friendship, runs many activities and has a strong connection to the EU. The knowledge and experiences gained within EFA help us in increasing our credibility in our own local and national contexts.”

Pineiro Nagy

EFA Board Member, Director Estoril Lisbon Festival

“To be part of EFA immediately generated a double centripetal and centrifugal reaction. On the one hand was the immeasurable value that external relations mean for internal artistic life. On the other, the solidarity manifested by EFA members to a small festival seemed to reflect the well-known apocryphal phrase attributed to Jean Monnet… Si c’était à refaire, je commencerais par la culture, choosing a different Europe, less dominated by financial markets.”

Pablo Fernandez Alonso

Europalia Arts Festival

“Europalia is a festival that, by its very vocation, is international. Every two years the art and culture of a guest country, in all its diversity and in all disciplines, is presented in more than 200 venues in Belgium and beyond. By joining EFA we finally have the opportunity to do several things: benchmark our activities and compare, in a positive spirit, what we do with what is done in other countries. We also get more opportunities to seek out-of-the-box ways of collaboration with like-minded organisations. We, thirdly, can explore ways by which we can expand our activities in other countries and venues. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, EFA offers us the opportunity to meet with people in our own field of activities, and be enriched, refreshed and energised by those contacts. All of the above help Europalia to become even more international and European.”

Gintautas Kevisas

Vilnius Festival

“It was immensely rewarding for the Vilnius Festival to be accepted as a member of the European Festivals Association in 1999. Thanks to EFA’s network, the festival has found new partners, created joint projects, and represented the Baltic countries in a wider European and Asian perspective. In 2009, we had the great honour of hosting EFA’s General Assembly, during the city’s year as European Capital of Culture and Lithuania’s Millennium celebrations.” 

Selma Yağcı

Mersin International Music Festival

"We may not yet be part of the European Union, but we are already part of EFA. This is a tremendous achievement for us. There are 40 countries represented in EFA so we have to improve our festival every year to stand out among them. We are doing this not just for the sake of our city, but for Turkey."

Elisso Bolkvadze

Batumi MusicFest

"EFA is a great network for the festival industry. It's very important for a newly born festival like ours to be a part of this huge family where one can exchange experiences, in order to develop our own individuality. Each festival is part of the history of its country, and is open to discover diverse cultures."

Thomas Hummel

Usedom Music Festival

“We are very proud to be one of the seven member festivals representing Germany in the European Festivals Association. EFA gives the Usedom Music Festival the chance to be a unique part of a dynamic, inspiring network of festival professionals all over Europe. The multifaceted perspectives from different disciplines, short communication channels between the members and many networking and learning opportunities make EFA important for us. As a 'Podium of the Baltic Sea’, we are happy to be a part of this European festival family and to share European values and our perspective on music.”

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