Why EFA?

The European Festivals Association (EFA) has been uniting distinguished music, dance, theatre and multidisciplinary arts festivals from Europe and beyond for 70 years. EFA’s members are the core element that make the Association an open, influential, international place for any festival that wants to be part of a bigger festival community.

Being EFA Now

We are living in a time when money for the arts is rationed, when every expense needs to be justified and new technology and globalisation are changing the way we live and work. The European Festivals Association – the longest serving network of arts festivals – finds itself needing to offer fresh reasons for membership, and to explain the added value, influence and opportunities that EFA creates. EFA is sometimes described as a members club, where involvement is principled and enjoyable. It offers festival organisers a front seat in European policy-making and the opportunity to establish networks that lead to dialogues with all sorts of actors. It is also considered by some to play an essential role in a globalising world. Through EFA, local initiatives achieve international relevance.

Celsus Library, Ephesus © Aykut Fırat

EFA is more than the sum of its parts

EFA is becoming a “We” story, linking people and organisations active in the arts management field. It is a story that is reaching beyond Europe as it strives to consolidate interaction between continents, countries and cultures so that there can be mutual inspiration, influence and confrontation. Art is fundamental to civilisation. The beauty and meaning, exaltation and opposition that are intrinsic to art make it a potentially healing process that demands our commitment. 

EFA guides the discourse on the value of arts festivals. A sector that is so unique and that shares a myriad of concerns on the level of intellectual, artistic, material and organisational matters deserves a strong umbrella organisation that supports local initiatives and gives arts festivals a unified voice.

As context changes so does EFA: an Evolving International Hub

Europe’s arts festivals, however acclaimed they may be on a local level, need international connections. By joining EFA, you acquire an international mandate. It is your partner in a worldwide conversation.

EFA is your authoritative and permanent motor for exchange, a guardian for the arts and a driver of evolution and progress for festivals. We are here to enable that process by maintaining a permanent and informed dialogue with decision-makers and colleagues worldwide. We keep arts and festivals on the political agenda. We are a hub and at the same time, an advocate.

A Contemporary Network

EFA wants to see its stakeholders ride the waves of innovation – without compromising traditions – so that all EFA members can exert their influence on the international scene. 

EFA offers festival makers a place to stay in touch with each other, share concerns and discover new partners. EFA events are social as well as professional occasions, allowing us all to form friendships.

Festivals depend on the involvement and professional development of staff members. EFA is a channel for training and communication: face-to-face meetings cover such topics as festival management, project development, emerging artists, new business models, audience outreach strategies, and short residencies and festival visits, to mention but a few.

Come and Build with Us

You can contact EFA’s Secretary General, Kathrin Deventer, to talk about your membership. Our team is ready to answer all practical questions and provide you with detailed documentation about the membership conditions and procedures.

Kathrin Deventer > kathrin@efa-aef.eu > +32 2 644 48 00