One institution, 2 houses and 100 formats


The Berliner Festspiele organise a range of festivals and art exhibitions, concerts, dance and theatre performances, readings, lectures, debates and much more throughout the year. These events are presented at a range of locations across Berlin but are concentrated primarily at their own two venues: the Gropius Bau and the Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

With their diverse range of provision in each artistic discipline, the Berliner Festspiele aim to be a major platform: For artists, their unique works and most varied approaches and working methods. For visitors, audiences and spectators from every single part of the city and the state, with their often deeply contrasting inclinations and expectations. And for the shared exploration of issues both timeless and timely that concern us all one way or another – and which represent greater challenges than ever for us as individuals and as a society, both here and all over the world.


General Director

Matthias Pees


T: 0049 30 25 48 90
Schaperstraße 24,
10719 Berlin

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