Heritage, ocean, history, music, sun, life: A festival with heritage


Since 1975, Estoril Lisbon Festival brings artists who are an important reference to young musicians including orchestras, chamber ensembles, choirs, and soloists, ranging from early and traditional music to dance. Thousand of renowned artists from across the globe have contributed to the festival's life since its inception. The Festival highlights the relationship between the rich architectural and musical heritage in historic churches, theatres and auditoriums, but also supports commissions and premieres in Portugal through the Mare Nostrum Project focusing on Mediterranean culture. 


Artistic Director

Piñeiro Nagy


E: fel@festorilisbon.com
T: +351 (0)214 66 00 81
Rua de Lisboa, 5 – Lj. 12,
2765-240 Estoril
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