Klarafestival is Belgium's biggest classical music festival. Every year, for two weeks in March, home-grown and international top artists appear in the most prestigious concert halls in the country.


Klarafestival is the largest classical music festival in Belgium. It is held every year over a two-week period in March. The home base for the festival is Brussels but there are also concerts held in Antwerp and Bruges. Every year, the absolute top of the (inter)national crop climbs onto the stage of the most prestigious concert halls in the country, including BOZAR, Concertgebouw Brugge and deSingel. The festival strives to be socially relevant and so is built around a topical subject every year. Symphonic concerts are at the heart of Klarafestival together with musical theatre and they showcase tried and true repertoire as well as innovative creations. Often this means bridges to other art disciplines are also built. With a daring, progressive and innovative bill, many performances aim to provide an extraordinary concert experience. Klarafestival is the only classical music festival in Belgium that is broadcast over the airwaves in full by the EBU, even into the far reaches of Europe!


Managing Director

Sophie Detremmerie

Artistic Director

Hendrik Storme


E: info@klarafestival.be
T: +32 (0)2 548 95 95
Rue Zinnerstraat 1,
1000 Brussels
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