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The International Izmir Festival reaching an audience expressed in millions has been proudly providing opportunities to numerous world renowned artists to perform at unique historical venues. As a festival of great prestige and high artistic standards, it has been organised in Izmir, a city located on the Aegean Coast and right in the middle of several historical places and popular touristic resorts of Turkey. The festival covering a wide spectrum of classical, traditional and contemporary works in music, ballet, theatre and opera including both international and national performances, has proved itself to be one of the cultural and intellectual corner stones of Turkey, attracting great attendance from locals and foreigners visiting Turkey alike. From its first inception, the festival has made a special effort to make the Ancient city of Ephesus, which is one of the best preserved antique cities of the world, and other historical heritage sites of Izmir to be included among its venues.

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Filiz Sarper

Artistic Director

Filiz Sarper


E: izmirfestivali@iksev.org
T: +90 23 24 82 00 90
Mithatpasa Caddesi 138,
35260 Karatas Izmir
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