Edition 2020: postponed


Founded in 1961 establishing itself as Israel's premiere multi-disciplinary international festival. The Festival takes place annually in the spring, presenting outstanding international theatre performances, contemporary dance and classical music, along with outstanding original Israeli works and open to the public street performances. Hosting leading artists from around the world and engaging emerging and established Israeli artists, the Israel Festival provides an important platform for inter-cultural encounter and dialogue. Attended by over 35,000 people the Israel Festival is one of the city’s most important cultural assets, vital to a modern, dynamic and pluralistic Jerusalem. In addition to presenting inspiring, most memorable performances, participating artists conduct master classes and post performances discussions. As part of these encounters, the festival collaborates with the leading art academies, professional guilds and independent artists. The presentation of iconic and groundbreaking artists propels a lively local-global discourse amongst the artistic community, cultural consumers and the general public. 

The 59th edition of the Israel Festival (04 June – 20 June 2020) will continue to build on the Festival's strong brand recognition, uncompromising quality and prestige, while further introducing an innovative and compelling cross-disciplinary artistic program, catering to the festival traditional audience and to new, younger crowds, students and professionals


General Director

Eyal Sher

Artistic Director

Itzik Giuli


E: eyal@israel-festival.org.il
T: 00972 2 5611438
P.O.Box 4409,
9223310 Jerusalem

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