The Earth is in the heart of the 25th edition of Mittelfest. Mittelfest is music, theatre, dance, cinema, encounters. Mittelfest is a town – Cividale del Friuli – which has made its landscape and urban fabric into a stage. Every summer in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the last 25 years Mittelfest has shone its arclights on the European identity. Mittelfest’s highlights have included works by such luminaries as Bausch, Nekrosius and Ronconi as well as testimonies from Biljana Srbljanovic and Lech Wałęsa. It has showcased the stories of Handke, Havel, Magris and Kieślowski, and revealed unpublished pages by Kafka and Pasolini. It has given a voice to the words of poets and the sensitivity of composers, from Szymborska to Gubajdulina. With the 2015-2017 project, Mittelfest turns its attention to the enhancement and safeguarding of the natural environment and the function that routes on water (2015), over land (2016) and in the air (2017) have always performed. Water, earth, air – natural elements and vehicles of migration, encounter and dialogue between peoples and civilisations. Earth! That’s the appeal to what is under our feet, the soil in which roots are sunk. Earth is the element that provides our resources, mankind’s primary nutrient. But it is also the path we follow in our movements, every day. On April 22nd, which is Earth Day, Mittelfest will realease the first details of this year’s program (16 > 24 July 2016).



Roberto Corciulo

Artistic Director

Giacomo Pedini


E: info@mittelfest.org
T: 0039 0432 730 793
Stretta San Martino 4,
Cividale del Friuli

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