The "Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico" was born in 1992 with the aim of bringing the great classical music in one of the most evocative places in the world, the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.


The theater, designed by the famous architect Andrea Palladio in 1580, has been miraculously preserved until today, after almost 500 years, and is considered the oldest indoor theater in the world. Along with villas and palaces designed by Palladio, is part of the world heritage protected by UNESCO. The Festival takes place between mid-May and mid-June, one of the few times of year when the theater is open for performances. The Festival is divided into several sections: opera, symphonic and chamber concerts, musicological conferences. Artistic director of the association is the M° Giovanni Battista Rigon, Italian pianist and conductor. The “Settimane Musicali” are famous for offering the works of the great tradition – Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Il Flauto Magico, Don Pasquale, etc. - in particular versions, putting them forward for the first time in modern times. The “Settimane Musicali” propose also works from the Baroque period never represented in modern times, recovered from the rich archives of manuscripts of Italian libraries (Il finto turco by Piccinni). A specific “theme” is proposed each edition of the festival, the artistic program go on with cycles of three years. After the project "Aspettando Amadé " (2004-2006) and the cycle "Viaggio in Italia" (2007-2009), in 2010 started the cycle "Ambasciatori di note", dedicated to the production of Italian musicians for the various European capitals (Paris, Prague, Vienna).


Tiziano Tiozzo

Artistic Director

Giovanni Battista Rigon


T: 0039 444 302425
Piazzale Giusti 23,
36100 Vicenza
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