The National Theatre of Turkey aims to bring theatres of different countries and cultures together with the people all around Turkey through 6 international festivals which take place between 8th of March and 27th of May every year. Besides its winter and summer seasons, Turkish State Theatres have a traditional “Festival Season” during which every year nearly 50 foreign groups are hosted and meet about 150.000 theater lovers. The festival host Adana, the fourth largest city of Turkey located at the center of Çukurova, warms ones heart with all the colors of nature it brings together at the lower slopes of the Taurus Mountains; different shades of orange, and the clear blue of Mediterranean, along with a yellow that radiates warmth. The deep rooted culture of Adana with its long established history have nurtured many universal artists. Folk singers like Karacaoglan and Dadaloglu, who have made history, and Yasar Kemal, the author whose books have been translated into dozens of foreign languages, along with Yilmaz Guney, winner of Cannes Film Festival award, Abidin Dino, world renown painter and Suna Kan, internationally acknowledged violinist, are only a few of these that come to mind. Art and cultural activities of this city that reared many artists continues intensively.


General And Art Director

Nejat Bırecık


E: statetheaters.gov.tr@gmail.com
T: 0090 (312) 324 40 94
Devlet Tiyatroları Genel Müdürlüğü,
06050 Ulus-Ankara

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