Armel Opera Competition and Festival


What makes the Opera Competition and Festival special? The competition awards complexity of performance. The winner will not be the young talent with the most exquisite vocal capabilities or the most beautiful singing voice; he or she will be the “best performer”, who meets the all-round requirements of the genre, which includes not only singing, but also stage movement and acting, all to the highest standard. Performers compete in productions. In order for the jury and the audience to be able to judge the singers’ complex performing talent, they need to see the competitors perform in productions. Therefore the festival stages new productions in cooperation with opera houses. Every year five productions will be developed in opera houses in five different countries, and they all will be presented at the finals as part of the Armel Opera Festival.


Managing Director

Ágnes Havas

Artistic Director

Gergely Vajda


T: +36 1 269 3882
Nagymező u. 22-24,
1065 Budapest
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