Altofest is a project of TeatrInGestAzione, created and directed by Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono.


ALTOFEST was born to GIVE RISE to a community that generates a critical thinking, that is constantly on the alert regarding every attempt of imposing a depersonalized cultural proposal. A community that is able to recognize culture as a primary good, of which feeling a daily need. We try to insert a process athwart the several social elements of the urban fabric, putting them into dialogue. The connection is given by the foreign, external sight, that expresses itself in the plurality of artistic languages that are hosted in the festival. These semantic interferences give to the community the occasion of speaking to each other in a neutral language, meeting in a shared space for risking.


General Director

Giovanni Trono

Artistic Director

Anna Gesualdi


T: +39 320 0304 861
via mezzocannone 19,
80134 Napoli

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