The Gdansk Shakespeare Festival is one of the biggest international events which, thanks to the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and Theatrum Gedanense Foundation, every year hosts the best Shakespeare productions and the most eminent theatre artists from all over the world.

In previous years we had the great pleasure of hosting such stars as Luk Perceval, László Bocsárdi, Elizabeth LeCompte, Robert Sturua, Silviu Purcarete, Edward Hall, Giuseppe Dipasquale and many others.

We also had a unique opportunity to see various interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays created by theatres from a great number of countries, such as: the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, Cuba, Denmark, Italy, Belarus, Hungary, Armenia, Iceland, Israel, South Korea, the United States of America, Japan, Spain, Georgia, Finland, Sweden, Macedonia, Czech Republic or Zimbabwe.

The 21st edition of the festival will definitely meet everyone’s expectations when it comes to big names and outstanding Shakespearean productions. You will be able to see performances from the Croatia, United Kingdom, Russia, Hong Kong, India, Ukraine and Poland.

As every year performances will be accompanied by workshops, meetings with artists, open rehearsals, seminars of the Summer Shakespeare Academy. There will also be a diverse ShakespeareOFF programme of alternative theatre and artistic presentations.


Director of Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre

Jerzy Limon

Artistic Director

Prof. Jerzy Limon


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