Gdansk Shakespeare Festival presents outstanding theatre performances from around the world inspired by the works of William Shakespeare accompanied by a fringe programme and educational activities.


The 26th international Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival will be held on 27 July–6 August. Many new features are coming this year, with 5 performances in the Golden Yorick finals, an international jury selecting the winners in two competitions, money prizes and increased production funding, along with a new motto to go with the entire event.
“Between Heaven and the Stage. After the tempest?”
The motto of this year’s international Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival is a direct reference to the title of the book by Professor Jerzy Limon, a visionary, eminent Shakespeare scholar, creator of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre and the Festival’s Director for 25 years. The question posed by the organisers in the motto’s second part is, on the one hand, a reference to the three extremely different international productions of The Tempest coming to the Festival and, on the other hand, to the tempests sweeping across the world: political, pandemic, climatic and those related to the human condition.

The programme is available the website.


Artistic Director

Agata Grenda

Festival Coordinator

Joanna Śnieżko-Misterek


T: +48 58 351 0108
Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, ul. Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 1,
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