CULTURESCAPES is a non-for-profit foundation. CULTURESCAPES aspires to promote cross-border cultural dialogue, mutual learning between different cultures, as well as cooperation and networking. Its mission is to be the platform for advocacy for more inclusive, pluricultural, open, and responsible societies.

Since 2003, the foundation runs a multidisciplinary festival focusing on the cultural landscape of a country or a region. Based in Basel, Switzerland, it extends its presence far beyond one city and even one country involving up to ten other Swiss cantons and the neighboring regions of Germany (Lörrach) and France (Mulhouse).

With each new “culturescape”, the festival researches diverse cultural and social experiences, ranging from Georgia (2003), Ukraine (2004), and Armenia (2005) to the Balkans (2013), Tokyo (2014), Iceland (2015), Greece (2017), and Poland (2019). The festival programme includes performing and visual arts, film and literature, university lectures, open public debates and tailored programmes for younger audiences as well. Since its foundation in 2003, the festival has been curated by the cultural entrepreneur Jurriaan Cooiman, and since 2014 he was joined by the cultural critic and curator Kateryna Botanova.


From 2021, CULTURESCAPES is opening a new festival series dedicated to regions that extend beyond the boundaries of nation-states. CULTURESCAPES shift in focus comes from the understanding of the severity and pressing issues facing the regions from decolonisation and climate change, to sustainable development and socio-environmental relations. These regions are hotspots where culture is at the forefront of reflecting, commenting, rising awareness and offering various scenarios of dealing with these urgent matters.

In 2021, CULTURESCAPES will be dedicated to Amazonia. It is a 2-year collaborative project between numerous partners in Switzerland, Germany, France, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. It consists of a series of academic research, meetings and workshops that come together in a 2-month long festival scheduled for the fall of 2021. This edition is seen as vital; to offer CULTURESCAPES not just as a platform but as a visibility and advocacy tool for raising awareness about the urgency of climate change, the importance of indigenous cultures, and global social responsibility. The main topics that inform the fabric of this festival are water, climate change, decolonisation, and violence and peace.


Co-Artistic Director

Kateryna Botanova

Founder & Artistic Director

Jurriaan Cooiman


E: Jcooiman@Culturescapes.ch
T: +41 (0) 61 263 35 35
Schwarzwaldallee 200, Postfach 252,
CH-4016 Basel

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