Look differently on your own, on the world, on Ukraine and Mariupol


The International Festival of Contemporary Art [STARTUP] GOGOLFEST takes place each year in Mariupol. The city hosts theatrical performances, day and night musical performances, film shows, art exhibitions and… dialogues.

GOGOLFEST is an opportunity to meet in a short period of time in one place with a large number of Ukrainian and European cultural products.

[STARTUP] GOGOLFEST is an adventure that makes it possible to rethink ourselves as a living creatures on the planet Earth. Look differently on your own, on the world, on Ukraine and Mariupol. Take a look at yourself.



Maksym Demskyi

Program Director

Anna Basova


E: programdirector.gf@gmail.com
Velyka Vasylkivska str., 136,
03150 Kyiv
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